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Betterment Wellbeing

Supporting 1000’s of employees across Australia with a keeping it real, science-backed approach to wellbeing.

The current climate of rampant burnout and toxic negativity is having a detrimental effect on our workplaces.

Underneath our titles and job descriptions we are all ultimately human beings navigating complex relationships and uncertain times, along with ever-increasing workloads, stress and now the pressure to always show up as our ‘best selves’.

So, as a human-first employer, where do you turn when resilience isn’t enough?

When you want to do more than just tick the wellbeing box?

A Better Me

with Camilla Thompson
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Thinking outside the wellbeing box

It is often people’s mindset that gets in the way of them improving their wellbeing.

That’s why the Betterment approach to wellbeing begins with a mindset that equips people to know themselves better, treat themselves better, and empowers them with the hope that they can be better.

Betterment Science

Why Betterment works

We help to combat the 3 most common reasons employees fail in their attempts to improve their wellbeing

Our science-backed Betterment Mindset helps employees who:

Struggle to prioritise their wellbeing or are unaware of what they might need to change

Are prone to perfectionism and overly harsh on themselves

Feel hopeless, cynical or lacking in motivation when they think about improving their wellbeing

Our keynotes, talks and workshops inspire and teach people how to make the small incremental changes that make a big impact in their lives

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Keynote: A Better Me

Delivering science-backed, tried and tested Betterment skills to help you feel, think, live, connect, work and lead better, without the pressure of perfection.


The Betterment Mindset

Learn how to cultivate the mindset that will help you to combat the 3 most common reasons people fail in their attempts to improve their wellbeing.

Everyone deserves to feel, think, live, connect, work and lead better – without the pressure of perfection.


Because better is enough

Betterment Workshops

Choose one or more workshops and learn how to apply the Betterment Mindset to one or more of our 6 pillars of wellbeing.

Participants leave with a range of easy-to-implement science-backed skills to help them think, feel, live, work, connect and lead better.

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